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Timothy Hay


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AgSeller Farms Ltd


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Member Since: Oct - 2014
Seller Location: saskatoon, SK
Auctions Posted: 21
Bids Placed: 0
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Moisture Content Protein Content Minimum Order
Approx 7% Approx 30% 30
Auction Name: Timothy Hay
Auction ID: #57542098
Current Location: 414 Avenue B, saskatoon, SK, S7M 1M8, CanadaSeller Location
Farm name: AgSeller Farms Ltd
Seller Rating: No feedback available on seller.
Farm Address: 414 Avenue B Map
Farm City: saskatoon
Farm Province: SK
Farm Postal Code: S7M 1M8
Bale Type Round
Core Type Soft
Bale Size 4' X 5'
Approximate Bale Weight 949.99 Lb / 430.91 Kg
# of Bales 30
Storage Location T5r4e3 Storage Location
Harvest Date 2014-06-09
Scales Available
  • Timothy
Feed Storage Wrapped
Moisture Content 7
Protein Content 30
Test Comment Highest Quality Timothy/Orchard Hay.
Rained On?
Hay Cut First Cut
Terms of Sale Terms Of Sale Here
Minimum Order 30
Additional Information Additional Info Here

Timothy Hay

414 Avenue B, saskatoon, SK, S7M 1M8, Canada

Auction name & Number Timothy Hay (#57542098)
Current Item Location 414 Avenue B, saskatoon, SK, S7M 1M8, Canada
Total number of items in auction 30
Total weight estimate of auction 28499.78 lbs

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Auction Origin City & Province saskatoon, SK
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